MidJourney Unleashed
(4-Week LIVE Course)

Module 1: MidJourney Foundations - Master the Basics
Primary Outcome: Students can comfortably navigate MidJourney, utilize basic features, and create simple images.

Setting up a MidJourney account

Navigating the interface and tools

Joining the Discord server for support and community & stealth mode

Learning the basic structure of command prompts

Module 2: Visual Building Blocks - Unleash Your Creativity
Primary Outcome: Students can create more complex and visually appealing images using layers, styles, and effects.

Understanding and utilizing layers and image elements

Exploring level 2 command prompts

Experimenting with image styles and effects

Developing efficient design workflows and organization strategies

Module 3: Advanced Techniques - Supercharge Your Visuals
Primary Outcome: Students can produce a wide range of visuals, including unique scenes, products, and packaging, using advanced techniques.

Generating unique scenes with characters, backgrounds, and products

Creating product relevant content and social media

Mastering advanced command prompts for even more control

Incorporating other tools to modify and adjust your visual content

Module 4: MidJourney Mastery - Streamline Your Workflow
Primary Outcome: Students can efficiently create and manage a variety of compelling visual assets, integrate MidJourney into their marketing ecosystem, and scale their content production.

Advanced image viewpoint, depth of field and cinematic effects

Consistency and continuity techniques and strategies

Integrating MidJourney with other AI tools to augment your vision

Scaling your visual content production for long-term success

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